A Strategic Partnership for Reliable Development

Excellent Partners for Your Venture

When you choose Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, you not only get experience and award-winning process technology, but also one of the world’s premier providers of stainless steel process tanks, equipment and systems, JVNW Inc. Pacific Biodiesel and JVNW are strategically integrated to provide you with highly efficient biodiesel process solutions.


Since 1981, JVNW has been building custom stainless steel tanks, mixers, and systems for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, high tech, and biofuel industries. Their reputation for customer service, supplying equipment to end users as well as OEMs, is stellar. JVNW consistently delivers high quality products, from simple storage tanks to complex processing vessels, exactly as specified and scheduled.

Patented Mixing Technology

In addition to providing high quality vessels, JVNW maintains an active engineering lab that has earned patents for several specialty mixing system designs. Pacific Biodiesel Technologies and JVNW collaborate to give our customers access to these advanced technologies that yield high efficiency and versatility in the biodiesel production process.