Testing Services

Through our in-house laboratory located in Salem, Oregon, we offer a full range of biodiesel testing services ranging from single tests to full ASTM 6751 certification. We design testing programs specifically to address customer needs.

Our analytical team has training and experience on all instrumentation and methods to ensure that samples are handled and tested correctly. Our experience with biodiesel and biodiesel production ensures we are able to deliver an explanation as well as a numerical result. We have been in the biodiesel industry for over a decade and have successfully dealt with many biodiesel production issues. If a fuel sample happens to be out of specification, we have the knowledge and experience to help assess and deal with the issues in the production stream.

For biodiesel to succeed, it is imperative that all biodiesel producers adhere to high standards of consistent quality. It is the responsibility of every producer to have their fuel quality evaluated.

For more information on testing services offered by Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, contact:
Quality Management Division
(503) 391-4606

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