Buying biodiesel in your community is an easy way to support a greener local economy. If you have a diesel-powered vehicle produced after 1993, you can use pure biodiesel or any blend of biodiesel and petroleum diesel fuels without making any modifications to your engine. Fuel hoses on most vehicles produced before 1993 should be replaced. For more information about biodiesel and how it works, check out our list of frequently asked questions.

Use of biodiesel reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Encourage local fuel stations to carry community-based biodiesel. Click here to find a Pacific Biodiesel plant in your area. If there’s a plant in your area, then you know your fuel is produced in your community. If the plant uses feedstock from farms and recycling depots in your region, you know your dollars will support your local community’s economy.

Or if you have a fuel station and would like to carry biodiesel produced by a plant in your area, feel free to call us at Pacific Biodiesel Fuel Sales, (808) 877-3144.

You may also click here to find a list of our distributors.

Nagano Japan

Capacity:250k gal/yr
Feedstock:Used cooking oil