About Pacific Biodiesel Technologies

Over the past 16 years, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies has continually refined and improved the biodiesel production process. This expertise allows us to provide robust, efficient, and safe process equipment and solutions.

Headquartered in Maui, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies provides engineering, equipment, contracting, and laboratory services needed for profitable community-based production of ASTM quality biodiesel from multiple feedstocks. Our research and development lab is focused on maximizing process efficiency, feedstock flexibility, and product quality. We provide long-term customer service to support quality fuel production and higher yields. Our comprehensive quality management program ensures the production of consistent quality from all accepted feedstocks. Whether you are upgrading to the latest technology, expanding an existing plant, or interested in building a new plant, you will find no partner more dedicated or more experienced than Pacific Biodiesel.

Telephone: (808) 877-3144
Email: techsales@biodiesel.com

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