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Founded on Maui in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is the nation’s longest operating and most experienced biodiesel producer, and established the first retail biodiesel pump in America. Today with more than 100 employees statewide, the company is the only commercial producer of liquid biofuels in Hawaii.

Throughout its history, Pacific Biodiesel’s mission has remained constant: to promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels. With a nameplate production capacity of 5.5 million gallons annually, Pacific Biodiesel’s Big Island refinery utilizes state-of-the art distillation technology to produce the nation’s highest quality biodiesel and on Earth Day 2016 became the first facility in the world to be certified by the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance for its sustainable production and distribution practices.

The company has always focused on recycling with a zero-waste philosophy that incorporates development of value-added co-products. Its collaborative, community-based “agriculture and energy” production model demonstrates a full-circle system of sustainability and climate change solutions designed to help Hawaii achieve a clean, sustainable energy future.

DLNR Transitions to Biodiesel on Maui

DLNR vehicles fuel with biodiesel at Pacific Biodiesel’s Maui Hobron station.

July, 2019 – This month the Department of Land and Natural Resources on Maui began the transition from petroleum diesel to biodiesel. DLNR staff filled their trucks with biodiesel at Pacific Biodiesel’s Hobron Avenue fueling station.

As co-chair of Hawaii’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, the DLNR recognized in a November press release that ground transportation contributes significantly to Hawaii’s share of greenhouse gas emissions. The department has committed to fighting climate change with energy solutions that are that are clean, equitable, and resilient.

Locally produced renewable biodiesel supports a healthy environment by reducing harmful emissions by as much as 86% as compared to petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel Supporters Rally to Defeat Proposed Increase of State Tax on Biodiesel

May, 2019 – With new biodiesel taxes proposed this year at both the State Legislature and Maui County, supporters of renewable energy rallied with testimony against the increases. In HB 1467, the State was proposing a tax on biodiesel while providing exemptions for “alternative” fossil-based fuels including natural gas, coal-derived liquid fuels, liquified petroleum gas.

Blue Planet Foundation provided testimony opposing the bill noting in part, “HB 1467 would penalize consumers who support the State’s commitment to 100% renewable energy by using biodiesel as well as the companies who currently provide, or plan to provide, our communities with this locally produced, renewable fuel. If Hawaii is committed to a clean energy future, HB 1467 must not be passed.”

Pacific Biodiesel Director of Operations Jenna Long explained, “Unlike a number of other states, there’s no mandate for biodiesel here in Hawaii. Our state on-road tax exemption has been helpful but it is odd to see challenges to the minimal support we currently receive.” She continued, “And on the county level, Maui is trying to take away their road tax exemption. What we’re trying to point out to others is that, because there is such low support for renewables right now from the federal administration, we really depend on local and state support in order to compete with petroleum and the decades of subsidies that they’ve already received.”  Read the full article in our June newsletter.

Bob King Presents at Hawaii Energy Conference

April, 2019 – Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King participated in the 2019 Hawaii Energy Conference (formerly the Maui Energy

Pacific Biodiesel’s Bob King joins a panel of experts at the Hawaii Energy Conference. Photo courtesy MEDB

Conference) held at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in late March. King was a guest panelist discussing the topic, “What are the Investment Opportunities Today in Energy?”

King addressed the challenges facing Pacific Biodiesel. While the goal has always been to produce and distribute the locally produced renewable fuel within the state of Hawaii, he outlined one current option given the lack of support from the current administration in Washington.

“When the federal incentives slowed down, California stepped up and now they’ve got what’s called a low carbon fuel standard that makes it worthwhile to bring renewables to California,” King explained at the conference. “It seems silly, and I just cringe, why would we send fuel from here where it’s most expensive to California where it’s pretty cheap, but we have to get our path from here to there, and right now the big support we do have in Hawaii is from the PUC, from Hawaiian Electric.”

King noted that the lack of federal support for the biodiesel industry has created uncertainty while current state and county incentives are also waning. Read the article as reported in The Maui News.

Founders of Pacific Biodiesel Launch Maui’s First State-Licensed Industrial Hemp Farm

April 22, 2019 – In celebration of Earth Day, and in a continued effort to support sustainable, community-based agriculture and renewable energy, Pacific Biodiesel founders Bob and Kelly King today announced the development of Maui’s first state-licensed industrial hemp farm, operating under the Kings’ personal entity, Imua Energy, LLC. The 10-acre site located within the Kings’ 115-acre Biofuel Crop Farm in central Maui will be the first industrial hemp farm in the United States powered 100% by biodiesel.

The commercial farming operation will initially produce full-spectrum industrial hemp extract, including CBD. The hemp extract will be manufactured by Imua Energy and distributed by Maiden Hawaii Naturals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Biodiesel, and marketed to cosmetic manufacturers. Maiden Hawaii Naturals will also incorporate this premium hemp extract as a featured ingredient in its natural skincare brand, Kuleana®.
Click on these links to read the full press release and fact sheet.  For more about the project click here.

Hemp Blessing Crop

In celebration of Earth Day, Pacific Biodiesel founders Bob and Kelly King today announced the development of Maui’s first state-licensed industrial hemp farm.

Maui Disposal Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Support of Renewable Fuel on Maui

Maui Disposal employees and their families celebrate the company’s commitment to biodiesel at the Maui biofuel crop farm.

April 6, 2019 – Celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year, Maui Disposal has made a commitment to sustainability by fueling with biodiesel.

Employees and their families visited the Pacific Biodiesel biofuel crop farm on a Saturday morning  to learn about how biodiesel is made and the company’s model of sustainable agriculture for food, fuel, cosmetic products and more.

Maui Disposal Vice President of Operations Rick Miller said, “The tour was not only fun but was extremely educational – we had no idea about all the products you’ve developed!”

Pacific Biodiesel Farming State’s Largest Liquid Biofuel Crop

February 24, 2017 – Pacific Biodiesel Technologies began in February its scaled-up farming demonstration to grow biofuel crops including sunflowers in Maui’s central valley. The initial crop project on 115 acres will expand diversified agriculture by growing combine-harvested oil crops on land previously used for sugar cane production. This is the largest biofuel crop project in the state of Hawaii and the only biofuel farming operation in the state running on 100% renewable fuel, showcasing the company’s sustainable, community-based model of agriculture and renewable energy.  For more information and videos about the project click here.

Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance Certifies Pacific Biodiesel Plant

Kahului, HI – April 22, 2016 – The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance today announced that it has certified Pacific Biodiesel, Hawaii’s award-winning and internationally recognized producer of renewable fuels and the only commercial biofuel producer in the state, and its Big Island Biodiesel plant for showcasing sustainable biodiesel production and distribution practices.  This is the first certification of its kind in the United States.  Download the full press release here.

This milestone in sustainable certification was the subject of an article in the New York Times published in May.

Pacific Biodiesel Named “Platinum Certified Clean Fleet” Awardee

Blue Planet Foundation and Honolulu Clean Cities recognized Pacific Biodiesel Logistics as one of only two Hawaii companies to receive Platinum Certified Clean Fleet awards, the program’s most prestigious level. Platinum certification is reserved for public or commercial fleets that exclusively use renewable fuels or electricity for all vehicles in their fleet.   Read more

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