Biodiesel Tank Farm & Storage Equipment

Our first-hand knowledge of the logistics of operating multi-feedstock biodiesel plants, assures customers that Pacific Biodiesel Technologies will deliver engineered equipment for your tank farm and storage facilities that is specifically engineered and built for biodiesel production.  Materials selection, heat transfer options, and insulation are but a few aspects of inventory management that are unique to biodiesel plants.  We can ensure compliance with relevant codes for storage of flammable and combustible liquids in your tank farm, and make sure your operation runs smoothly.  Some of our offerings include:

  • Grease receiving/dewatering systems.
  • Feedstock and finished product storage tanks.
    • Mild or stainless steel.
    • Single or double wall construction.
    • Vertical or horizontal tank mounting.
    • UL, ASME, API stamps available.
  • Methanol Storage Tanks.
  • Receiving and loading equipment.
    • Crude product receiving meters.
    • Screening tanks.
    • Final product meters.
    • Final product filtration.
    • Dye and additive injection.
    • Loading arms.
    • Rack equipment.
  •     Level Gauges. (mechanical or electronic)
  •     Sampling Systems.