Ancillary Equipment

A commercial scale biodiesel facility requires an efficient process heating and cooling system as well as a host of other utilities.  Pacific Biodiesel Technologies can provide utility systems that your biodiesel facility requires, including:

  • Steam boiler and steam room equipment.
    • New or reconditioned.
    • Feed water treatment (chemical and non-chemical).
    • Feed water preheaters/deaerators.
    • Multiple fuels (gas/diesel/biodiesel/vegetable oil/brown grease/motor oil).
  • Hot water systems.
    • Steam to hot water or fired water heaters.
    • Circulation systems.
    • Water treatment and makeup.
  • Cooling tower systems.
    • Forced draft.
    • Open or closed loop systems.
    • Chemical or non-chemical water treatment.
  •     Chilled water systems.
    • Air cooled or liquid cooled chillers.
    • Circulation systems.
    • Glycol treatment and water makeup.
  •     Compressed air and nitrogen systems.
    • Tank blanketing and instrument applications.
  •     Instrumentation.
    • VFDs and power management.
    • Autodialer/remote monitoring capability.
    • Process automation and control.

For more information on ancillary equipment applications for your facility, contact:
Process Equipment and Systems Sales
(808) 877-3144