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Our Mission: To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels

Pacific Biodiesel is a leading pioneer and advocate for the establishment of community-based biodiesel. We have over a decade of experience in constructing and operating biodiesel processing plants, as well as producing and marketing quality fuels, industry-leading accomplishments no other U.S. company can claim. Through our sister companies, Pacific Biodiesel Incorporated and Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, LLC we produce and sell quality fuels and design, build, and support biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. Our advanced water-free processing technology capitalizes on our leadership in production flexibility. We build scalable plants designed to serve the demands of a local community using a variety of feedstocks produced by local suppliers.

A proven partner to advance biodiesel

Whether you’re a consumer, plant owner, investor, or representative of a community that wants self-sustaining energy resources for its local economy, contact us we’ll help you with quality biodiesel, process technology, equipment, engineering, and quality management expertise.

Bob VideoPacific Biodiesel is proud to be partnered with environmental heroes like Willie Nelson. Check out this exciting video of Local and Sustainable Biodiesel in Oregon featuring the legendary singer himself.

Mahalo to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard…

…for the submitting the OpEd at the link HERE which outlines the many reasons for supporting biofuels in America. This article was published in Roll Call, an online newspaper covering Capitol Hill since 1955. More support like this might just help us create the new green economy that President Obama envisioned when he took office in 2008!

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